• “mesmerizing… nearly every assumption at the film’s beginning is ultimately countered and overturned”
  • “the clashes of language, culture and expectations…creates squirm-inducing tension in this layered, real-life character study.”
  • “terrifically engaging… stripped of talking heads and whizzy effects… a compelling, subtle story”
  • “Debbie Lum’s seeking asian female, which premiered at SXSW, is an absolutely extraordinary documentary. This film is a transformative work that chronicles men’s lust for and obsession with Asian women, often known as ‘yellow fever.'”
  • “what will impress and engage auds is the honesty on display”
  • “I loved this movie,… the people are fascinating, and the line between happy and unhappy proves exceedingly and intriguingly hard to locate.”
  • “masterful meta-narrative… hilarious, unsettling, heartfelt and just plain icky all at the same time”
  • seeking asian female is ultimately a documentary that captures what it’s like to be in love—to be in a relationship—and if two people can overcome their differences to make things work… I loved this film!”
  • “For One Man, She Had To Be Pretty and Asian”